“No Strategy” Obama – ISIS 2nd Decapitation

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

September 2, 2014.  ISIS releases another video of an American journalist being beheaded by ISIS – Steven Sotloff of Time Magazine.

Steven Sotloff, journalist murdered by ISIS.

Steven Sotloff, journalist murdered by ISIS.

August 28, 2014.  In a rare, candid moment, Pres. Obama admitted he had no strategy for dealing with ISIS in Syria.

Obama's infamous "tan suit" press conference.

Obama’s infamous “tan suit” press conference.

What did he really mean by that?  No strategy means no plan.  And if Obama has no plan, he doesn’t perceive ISIS as the enemy.  (The White House has officially stated that the U.S. is not at war with ISIS.)

Gov't attacks Bundy Ranch.

Gov’t attacks Bundy Ranch.

Who is Obama’s enemy?  The “very dangerous” rancher Clive Bundy, who dared not pay grazing fees for his cattle.  On top of that, this was sacred government land, inhabitated by the desert tortoise.  How dare he?

What ended this seige?  The men decided they would have to use women and children as human shields, knowing the government would back down.  The slaughter of innocents doesn’t look good on T.V.

So now in the upside-down world of Obama, ISIS is not the enemy.  Conservative Americans are.

Is the American government ready to wage war against U.S. citizens?  Have Americans lost control of their own government?


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